5 months!

I told Jesse that he should take a “20 weeks” picture of me. Turns out, he didn’t need to. These pictures from Joe T Garcia’s tonight say it all….

Gregory had a bit of a growth spurt the last few days...definitely "showing" now!

Jenny took a silly picture of me touching the cactus. I'm afraid that you can see Gregory quite well in this one...he's packin'!

And, yes. I feel like a whale. I know that it is all “baby” (whatever that means, it’s still attached to my body, so it’s hard to tell myself that), but it’s still different. I keep losing my balance, even when I’m walking straight! Just pray that I don’t fall down the stairs again this week!


2 thoughts on “5 months!

  1. Kelly, you are SO CUTE!! (though I’m a little concerned about the “again” part of that last sentence. either i need to catch up on a blog or you need to post a story…)

    I’m going to have to try to get up to see y’all some time soon. Definitely need a Dallas-friends fix. 🙂

  2. yeah…what is this “again” about??? =*( and yes, you look adorable! =) also, I think you need to do some photos of you and courtney since apparently she has gone awol in cyber-world. 😉

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