Baby Greg

I totally wanted to be one of those parents who kept their baby’s name a secret. I really did. But ever since we decided (we were pretty certain about our boy name even before we knew the gender), it’s been hard to think of him as Baby Pinecone anymore. He just seems like Baby Greg. Like it’s part of him.

We always wanted the first name to be the Saint that we would choose for his patron.

Who better to choose than Gregory of Palamas?

We also knew that we wanted the middle name to be family related. “Lawrence” fits the bill for both sides.

How does Gregory Lawrence Cone sound?


3 thoughts on “Baby Greg

  1. I think it sounds wonderful! Although, until he is born (and maybe after) I’ll probably still think of him as “Gregory Lawrence Pinecone”. “Pinecone” just has the cutest ring to it! 🙂

  2. Prestigious and strong. A good name to grow up in to…has a version that is good as a small child, and also has one that would look good with “,PhD” after it. 🙂

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