Good Deals

Following the advice of friends, I’ve been surfing Craigslist for baby things. Okay, it’s true, I’d be on Craigslist regardless.

Nevertheless, I found some great deals for our nursery! My good friend, Karen, drove with me after church so we could pick up the items in her SUV.

$50 for the Ikea crib I was already going to buy! And it came with the mattress!

Got this from the same house as the crib-- $50 for a brand new glider/rocker!


2 thoughts on “Good Deals

  1. Dude, isn’t craigslist the BEST? The only thing I think I love more (or is it less? I’m not sure) is ebay. I’ve become obsessed with buying clothing, makeup, and shoes there. My favorite kind of jeans cost about $130 new at J crew, and I have been scrimping and saving to buy myself a new pair every year. THIS year, I bought myself TWO pairs for $50. It was a good thing too, because both of them have holes in the knees from chasing around a BABY! 🙂

    Crib and rocker already?? You’re almost set!

  2. oh yay! i can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the nursery. =) you still thinking you like owls or thinking of something different?

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