The Fart-Eaters

It’s true. They do make them! Fart trapping blankets AND underwear!! Not a joke!

Links for the Better Marriage Blanket, Subtle Butt Fart Pads and Under-ease.

The best part of the site I found this on were the comments from viewers. Here are some of the best, most made by women (and you’ll be able to tell which ones are men):

Imagine the accumulation after a good 8-hour. Just don’t pull those covers back!!! Imagine the scene. Both hold their breaths, throw back the covers and run for it! Wonder if the carbon really works…This is just too much fun.

so it the comfortor actually comfortable??… gassy occurances in the bedroom arent that high up on our problem list…so i hope they have more than just this reason of why i should buy this thing…like can i get a fabric sample???

@clpizzo: I have a suspicion on why you wanna get a fabric sample… just the right size to plug into your —? I’m sorry. This is the best laugh for today. Can’t get over it.

Okay, so I can see the value in it if you happen to be married to someone who has chronic flatulence, but otherwise, well, common courtesy would dictate a night on the couch for the offender, no? That’s the way it’s always worked in our house, no problem, no hard feelings.

One of the best things about being married is the Dutch Oven.

If you don’t find night farts amusing, I don’t want to marry you, anyway.

I think it’s funny that the company name could be abbreviated as “The BM Blanket” (The Better Marriage Blanket)

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