Many awesome deals have found their way to us the past few days.

Deal #1: Let’s begin with Aldi, the store I raved about a few weeks ago on this blog (which I found out is distantly related to Trader Joes). They just opened one up about 5 min. from us, and let me tell you…the deals are incredible!! A 24 flat of waterbottles, for $2. A gallon of milk for $1.19. Avocadoes for $0.39/each. Dozen eggs for $0.99. Yogurt for $.039. 8 hoagie sandwich rolls for $1.19. Carton of strawberries for $0.99. It’s ridiculous! I think we are going to save at least $50-$100 a month buying our groceries here! The only catch is that they only sell the basics. If you want to make something exotic, or even a little out of the ordinary, they won’t have it here. You also have to bag your own groceries and bring back your shopping cart to get your quarter refunded. But other than that, there is no catch. Cheap good quality food. Not in bulk.

Deal #2 : On Friday, Courtney and I left Topher with Jesse and went on a date. Sorta. I made her come to a garage sale with me. I got all these baby things for only $3! Afterwards, we went to Starbucks to spend some of my birthday gift card.

Vintage blocks for the Pinecone's room, along with a much-recommended baby book and a cute receiving blanket that says things like, "Fly away with me!"

Deal #3: When we moved to our new apartment, we got a flier in the mail from Baylor Medical Center down the road. They said that if we mailed back the postcard “requesting” practioner info, we would be mailed a free gift. I finally sent in the postcard. After I got a few calls asking me if I needed help choosing a doctor, I didn’t think much more about it.

Until we got our free gift in today’s mail….

An mp3 player??? Who sends these out for free??? Seriously?


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