Your Opinion?

In your opinion, who sings it better? Kara DioGuardi, one of the new judges on American idol, Leah Michelle from Glee, or the vocal master, Celine Dion? Especially when it comes to that last high F#.

And, for the record, I didn’t even know Kara could sing like this…good grief!! Can anyone say, hell yeah, or, WAYYY better than Paula could have hoped for even with an army of studio artists to tweak her voice?

My opinion? After a few times listening, I think Kara has the most passion (probably since she WROTE the song), Lea the purest voice, and Celine the most ease (she hits everything without even straining!).

2 thoughts on “Your Opinion?

  1. kelly, i agree with your synopsis completely. i listened to kara’s and went to leah’s and thought, ‘hmm…i think leah has a prettier voice’. when i skimmed and saw what you wrote that accurately describes my impression of the three artists.

  2. I love this song and did not know that Kara wrote it. I liked all three versions, but I am partial to Lea Michelle’s. I guess I’m just a Gleek.

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