4 month update

Yup. This last Saturday, I passed the 4 month mark. Hard to believe that in just 10 more days, I will be halfway through this pregnancy!!!

I also had my second midwife appt. on Monday morning. This time, it wasn’t with Cherie but with the other midwife, Carol. I liked Cherie and felt 100% comfortable with her, but I think I like Carol even better. She’s much more “low-key”, if you can call either of them that 🙂 While she didn’t like my eating chart at all (“that’s a LOT of Velveeta mac and cheese!” “Wendy’s AND Olive Garden in the same day?”), she did say that, while I shouldn’t go out of my way to do so, 1 coffee drink a day is actually okay!  Whew! So what did Jesse and I do on our way home from the birth center? We went to Starbucks to use up one of my birthday gift cards!

So far, I’ve gained 4 lbs. total. That’s not bad, considering I was allowed to gain up to 5 in the first trimester alone. I’m pretty sure it’s all front tummy because everything still fits, it just doesn’t “button”. It’s really different for me to gain weight in just one isolated region. I have the body type where if I gain weight (which hasn’t happened since freshman year of college) it evenly distributes itself everywhere. So it’s definitely a weird adjustment.

In just 2 weeks from Monday, I have my “boy or girl” 18 week ultrasound. Seriously, I can’t wait. Jesse’s work schedule shifted from 1-11pm for these next couple weeks (it’s not fun, but I work in the afternoons anyways. And he gets halfday on Fridays, plus a small pay raise!), so he’s actually going to be able to make all of these appts! That’s also the Monday my mom and Julie are going to be here visiting, so all 4 of us are going to be finding out the baby’s gender together!

Also, I’ve FOUND the cutest bedding in the entire world. I know I’ve said that once or twice, but this time it’s true.

And it’s organic.

I want it.

SO much.

Oh my goodness. Too much cuteness to handle at one time.


There are even matching clothes!!

Also, how cute/corny is this?? Love...


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