Take 3 minutes…

…and do yourself a huge favor.

I am trying to be more controlled with how many awesome Glee clips I post. So here you go, the best two from the last two episodes.

By the way, Glee producers have done a great job censoring clips off of You-tube, so I actually had to find this at the New York Times video section. So, if it’s from the New York Times, you know it’s got to be good.

Glee: ‘Four Minutes’.

The other is a cover of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, a duet sung by the lead character Rachel and a new character they just added, Jesse St. James. Apparently, (in real life) the 2 of them had already sung together on Broadway for many years in the musical, “Spring Awakening”.

Apparently, they are best friends in real life:

And, as a bonus, 2 of the best quotes:

Brittany: “Did you know that dolphins are really just gay sharks?”


Will Schuster: “Okay class, what do you say when you answer the phone?”

Mercedes: “What up?”

Artie: “Who dis be?”

Kurt: “No she’s dead, this is her son.”

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