First Article!

I posted this on Facebook, but thought that I should also put it here. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was accepted to be a contract writer for my old music company. The owner is trying to build an archive of informative articles for parents who are interested in various aspects of music lessons. The job will probably only last  5 or 6 months, but so far it’s been a blast!

Since I am worried that this blog will get “linked” to the owner’s website through a direct cut-and-paste web link, I will simply tell you how to get to it, if you so desire.

1. go to

2. click “lessons in your home” on the green bar

3. click “articles” on the top right hand corner

3. click on the article titled, “Home Music Lessons: Helpful for Students, Convenient for Parents”

I submitted my second article today, which Jesse said was way better than the first (which is funny, seeing as I wrote it in half an hour after realizing the deadline was TONIGHT!), so that one should be up in a few days. I will post something when it appears. I can’t simply post the article on here because it is now “the legal property of the music company”. Oh well.


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