Jesse’s New Job

Thanks to those of you who responded by comment and personal email to my last post. It really is nice to have people take the time to give their advice, especially when I’m fearful and headed into such uncharted territory. And, let’s face it, I’m not in the best control of my emotions as of late. I described it to Jesse as, “the same emotions, only 10x greater”. It’s frustrating to KNOW you are being irrational, even as you’re being irrational. Like a crazy person who knows they’re crazy, yet and the end of the day, they’re still crazy. But I think it’s helpful for Jesse to hear that I KNOW I’m crazy. Takes all the fun away so he doesn’t have to point it out 🙂

Speaking of Jesse, he’s been a Superstar Husband lately. He is very good at waiting until the right time, if ever, to point out that I am being cross or dramatic. He listens patiently to every “bodily change” I undergo and feel the need to describe at that moment, and he even sits down and looks with me at cribs and bedding (but only in short increments, and only if the Dodgers aren’t on).

And, speaking of the Dodgers, the last big fight we got into was over how frustrated Jesse gets when they are losing. He starts yelling things like, “DEMOCRATS! NAZIS! WIENERS!” at the TV. He calls it, “being involved in the game”. This is usually the way things go when the Dodgers are losing because they are playing poorly, or having tough breaks, and since we purchased MLB online streaming (so that we get EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.) this is how many of our evenings sound.

I didn’t realize how much this upset me, you know, until every emotion had increased 10 fold. By the end of the evening, I was in tears and we weren’t speaking. In the eighth inning, as they were only down by 1, Jesse turned off the TV and said, “I can’t take it anymore. We are going to resolve this.” And we did. He listened pretty patiently, for the most part, I kept the tears and irrational statements at bay, for the most part, and we came to a sort of compromise, right in time to turn the TV back on and watch the Dodgers win in the ninth. Kind of a nice touch!

Back to the title of this post:

Jesse has a new job!!

In a perfect world, he would get on here and blog about it, but he hasn’t done that in forever, so I get to spread the word. When Jesse started working at Nordstroms in the Fall, we only meant it to be temporary, until he could find something better. This has taken a while, mostly because Jesse’s work experience is mostly in Security, and he was adamant about not going down that road again. He would love to teach, but his degree is in Philosophy– a subject not too many schools offer. The schools that do offer it…let’s just say it would take him 10 years to break out of the 30k/year salary range, and we hope to have bought a house by then, paying with more than dreams.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to most of you that Jesse hopes to one day attend St. Vladimir’s Seminary in New York. This dream is far off, but the planning is immediate. We need loans to be paid off by then, and I also need to have established a reliable way for me to make money and support us for those 3 years (one of the reasons I have to continue working on my career and resume despite becoming a mom). What Jesse needed right now was a way to make reliable amounts of money that would allow us to budget and save, something that is nearly impossible when you are working for commission at Nordstroms. He didn’t need a career for life, because he hopes to one day fulfill the calling that God has had for him since the day he was born (he confessed that he used to try and “preach” to kids on the playground at Covenant about all the cool bible stories he was reading. While he was doing that, I was probably swindling kids out of their money over in the sandbox.)

The day we announced to our church that we were having a baby, one of our older friends came up to Jesse and told him that if he still was looking for a better job, his mortgage company was hiring “like crazy”. He said that the entry level jobs are not terribly exciting, but that the company looks for leadership potential and bumps those people up quickly. Jesse emailed him his resume Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, a secretary had already called to schedule an interview for the following week. After his interview, Jesse came home pretty excited. He loves the camaraderie and feel of the office.  He met with the VP, who offered him the job on the spot. It took them a week to perform the background check, and VOILA. New job.

We feel very blessed that God is taking care of us in this way. The salary is reliable and exactly what we will need to live on month to month, so that I don’t need to worry when I take off Oct.-Dec. from work. They provide excellent health, life, 401k benefits, plus vacation and sick days. And it’s only a 15 minute drive from here. He started yesterday and really likes it. He even talked to a few people who had only been working there a couple months, and already they’d been given huge promotions.

All in all, it’s just what we needed for this stage in our lives, and we are so thankful. Please, when you can, thank God for us!


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