Let’s talk about Addictions. Why don’t they have more support groups for addictions other than shopping, eating disorders, alcohol and drug use? I’m not meaning to make light of ANY of these by drawing comparisons, but I am just saying– it would be helpful.

Take Sonic, for instance. Maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant. But I’ve never craved their food SO MUCH. I went there 4 TIMES last week! Sometimes, it was just for a diet cherry limeade, which is only 60 cents during Happy Hour. But sometimes, it was the whole works. Tater Tots, Oreo Twister Shake, Bacon Cheese Breakfast Burrito (only 1.99!! It’s AMAZING!!). I am scared to add up how much I spent on food at Sonic last week. Especially since my midwife not only commanded me to walk for 1 hr. a day, but also STRICTLY FORBADE fast food. Luckily, I still fit into my old clothes, but let’s face it folks, it’s what we call a miracle.

And then there’s Anthropologie. I’ve casually started referring to myself as an “Anthro-holic”. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to walk into that store and not spend money. Last Monday, I thought I was safe, seeing as I refuse to buy any clothes I won’t be able to wear for the next year. But they have beautiful candles….gorgeous silverware….bird embroidered napkins….French cream and sugar bowls…good grief. Someone help me!!! Why did God create beauty so…..beautiful??? It brought tears to my eyes. It spoke to me. Yes, inanimate sugar bowls SPOKE to me.

Could someone start a support group with me? As lame as that sounds??

Yes, I bought them. But they are GORGEOUS, no??


4 thoughts on “Addictions

  1. Oh, i could probably join you. I pretty much know NEVER to step into ANY book store without having money I’m allowed to spend…cause I’ll spend some anyway.

    As for the Sonic addiction, it’s one I sometimes share. My recommendation (just found this one) is the Cranberry Limeade. SOO good!

  2. *chuckle* clicked on your blog while watching a documentary on addictions…. talk about timing. 😉 and wow, that sugar and creamer are adorable. =) anyways, just blame it on hormones. 😉

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