Almost 12 weeks!

Today, I had my first appointment with my midwife, Cherie. The first thing they had me do was step on a scale and pee in a cup. Nothing major. I found out that I’ve gained 2 lbs. already! The healthy average to shoot for in the 1st Trimester is 4lbs., but a lot of women don’t even gain that since they’re too sick to eat. Considering I had a huge oreo milkshake at Sonic yesterday….I don’t think I’m one of those women. But I am walking about 45 minutes 3-4x/week and making it to Curves another couple of times a week, so I still fit in almost all of my pants. How many more Sonic shakes can I get away with? I guess we’re going to find out!…

Then I talked with the midwife and all of a sudden, she had a needle out and was drawing my blood. I saw it coming, but for some reason, wasn’t scared. IF YOU KNOW ME, THIS IS MAJOR!!! Blood makes me faint. Needles make me shake and/or scream in terror. It’s not that they hurt, it’s the whole concept– that blood is supposed to be in the body. When it’s not, I freak out. It was, however, the most painless procedure ever. I think this is a good sign of how comfortable and trusting she made me feel immediately, even though this is only the second time I’ve met her.

Then, we were actually able to hear the heartbeat using the doppler! Since Jesse had to work, we were able to call him at Nordstroms and put the speaker up to the phone so he could hear it too. It was pretty awesome, I have to say. Completely different than hearing/seeing it through the sonogram 4 weeks ago.  For some reason, it felt a million times more real.

But here’s the biggest news– apparently, I’m about a week further along than I thought. So, in 2 more days, I’m actually done with the first trimester!! Yay!!

So many things to smile about 🙂 Now, however, it’s time for my first nap of the day!


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