The Lovely/Lazy Bones

This week is Spring Break for all but 6 of my 40 students, and I just feel so…LAZY! Today, I taught a lesson from 9-10:30am, and then have done NOTHING profitable other than make Jesse’s lunch and clean up Claire’s doggie vomit (she had a little “sick” moment…poor thing). I am now going to salvage the day by working out (6 hrs. later than intended), going to the bank (3 hrs later than intended) and get the grocery shopping done (3 days over-due).

Tomorrow, Jesse and I both have the day completely off, which will be nice, but I am having a bit of panic– what if we waste it?

And why do I always feel so anxious about passing time? Why am I not content to just have a “PJs” day? Is there something wrong with me?


One thought on “The Lovely/Lazy Bones

  1. Wasting a day can be very worthwhile. Rent some movies and order delivery. Relaxing for a day is far more rewarding in the long run than doing meaningless chores.

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