Chef Jesse Ramsey

I have the most amazing husband. He cooks. He cleans. He does all the shopping. He reorganizes the refrigerator. He gets up early and makes me coffee and a lunch. And all on his day off!

No, seriously, he did all that. For dinner, we had rice, marinated tofu, and home-made Thai Peanut Sauce. For dessert, he made two different batches of home-made applesauce (we still have tons of apples left over from Jason and Jenny’s wedding…). He talked about making some more banana bread for tomorrow (he bakes about a loaf a week during fast periods, using the bread pan he got for Christmas). He took out all the trash and got it ready to be picked up. And, after it all, he said, “Man, I totally forgot to do the laundry today!”

Um, did I luck out, or what??


6 thoughts on “Chef Jesse Ramsey

  1. I know, he is! I made him read this blog, and he asked me to insult him so as to keep his pride in check. So, of course, I did 🙂 I’m very glad that God doesn’t love based on comparison to others…I’d be in trouble!!

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