SNoW dAys!!!

Jesse wasn’t expecting a whole lot when he took Claire outside to pee this morning. That’s because all night, we didn’t hear anything– no rain, no wind.

He came back inside, where I was warm and snuggled under the down comforter at the early time of 10am. “Kelly, you’ve got to come outside and see this!”

Apparently we got 6 inches of snow last night! And it’s still going on, so it’s probably more by now. I had heard on the weather report that it was going to be icy/snowy later in the day, so I preemptively cancelled all of my piano lessons for today (those winding country roads can be a death trap…). My class tonight will probably be cancelled too. And Jesse has the day off, so we’re probably going to throw some logs in the fireplace and read our homework with mugs of hot cocoa!!!!

After we walked outside and around the apartment complex, I turned to Jesse and said, “I’m so glad we get to live in a place that does this every now and then!”

Our apartment complex

I could get used to this. Sooo pretty!



Picnic bench FAIL

Some pretty berries

Redneck Snowman


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