Jason and Jenny’s Wedding- Decor

Today my good friends Jason and Jenny got married. 7 weeks ago, right after they asked Jesse to be the best man, they also asked me to do the decorations. In addition, after hearing what a tight budget they were on, I offered up my cousin and I as florists. Have I ever done flowers for a wedding? No. But I’ve seen my cousin Julie’s work (see her sister Heidi’s wedding) and knew we could do it. Not only could we do it, but I knew we could do it for CHEAP. We’re talking $600 for all the decorations AND flowers. That may seem like a lot, IF you’ve never planned a wedding– let’s just say, the bouquet I had for my wedding almost cost that.

So, here they are. I’m too tired right now to describe anything, but I did want to post the pictures, with mild abbreviated descriptions here and there.

Cake Table

Head Table

Entryway. You can't see, but there are petals on the floor.

The beautiful Bride's Bouquet


Bridesmaids Bouquets

Artistic shot with the flowers

Wishing Tree- SO much better than a guest book!


Head Table Decor

Picture Wall


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