“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

They said that last night’s freezing temperatures were the coldest since 1996. It got down to 16 degrees– only 6 if you count the wind chill. Luckily, there hasn’t been any precipitation since Thursday morning, when I came out and my car door was frozen shut. But it has been neat, trying to dump out Diet Coke cans left overnight in the car cupholders, only to realize that they won’t pour because they’re solid ice.

Speaking of solid ice…

The fountain at our apartment complex, taken at 3pm

The frozen SOLID fountain at my school-- the kids were all swinging their lunchpails onto the surface, trying to crack it

You’d think that these extreme temperatures would make me wish I was back in California, where it was 65 degrees my vacation. Actually, I kind of enjoy it! Sure, if it lasted for 4 months, like it does in the Northern states, I would be borderline miserable at first– I get cold REALLY easily. But it’s already supposed to get up to 45 tomorrow, and climb back into the 50s by Monday.

And then there are moments like this afternoon when I walked out of the store, breathed in the cool 32 degree air, felt the warm sun shining, and I thought to myself, “Hello, beautiful winter! Where have you been all my life?”

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