2 Beautiful Dances

A Viennese Waltz to Vanessa Carlton’s “Ordinary Day”. Absolutely beautiful, I could have watched it all day, even though I don’t like the girl, Mollee. She was in all the High School Musical movies, and acts like it:) But the dance was so peaceful and lovely to watch.

A Contemporary Routine about two married assassins trying to kill one another. The judges said that this would probably win the choreographer, a young alum of the show himself named Travis, an Emmy nomination. VERY dangerous!

Also, a side note for any SYTYCD fans, Travis’ assistant in the background is none other than….Kayla from last year!


3 thoughts on “2 Beautiful Dances

  1. so, i finally caught up last night on a couple week’s worth of SYTYCD on my DVR. I love the first clip you have up there. I agree that Mollee is not my favorite, but Jakob was…and this was a beautifully done waltz. I think one of my favorite things about it by the time i got to the end of all the episodes i was watching, was how, while still mature (i.e. not tween “love story”) it wasn’t overtly/agressively sexual. It always bugs me when during a dance, the girls in the audience start high-pitched screaming for a move just because the dancers lower halves got in close proximity and/or the dancers are rolling across the floor. This waltz was refreshingly clean while still being a supportive love story between the couple (even if just “friends” from the dance’s intro dialogue, could have been a dating or married couple). I also felt like i was watching an old musical…so that could have been part of it.

    As for the second…i didn’t really like it. Maybe i was distracted while watching it or was expecting something more from the hype i had heard about it…but it didn’t really do anything for me. I did appreciate the judges’ commentary in pointing out some of the “dangerous” parts of it that I had not considered. But in the end, I’d rather just watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith…from which it was, at least in my opinion, a direct rip …not just similar – but the same. I knew exactly what to expect before the dance even started. Maybe that was the real dislike…it’s like reading a book/watching a mystery movie where someone has already told you the end AND all the plot twists in between. Oh well.

    And i agree with jen-o, the cha-cha was very good.
    (short disertation is over now)

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