Thanksgiving 2009

This year, Jesse and I decided to spend Thanksgiving with his Uncle, Fr. Peter Smith. Normally, it would be an 8 hour drive to Wichita, Kansas, but 7 days ago Fr. Peter, his wonderful wife Collette, and his two kids Maria (10) and Nicholas (4), all moved to a suburb of Austin, TX, to take over a parish that just lost their priest to a car accident. So, as of 7 days ago, we now have wonderful family living only 3 hours away from us!!

Not only was it wonderful getting to meet their family, but have you ever been to Austin?? It’s GORGEOUS. It’s been compared to downtown San Luis Obispo since it has the quaint, quirky and fun college town feel (hello UTexas!) but it’s a big city and the capitol of Texas. As far as the terrain, it’s situated right in the heart of the “rolling hills of Texas”. It actually reminds me a lot of where I grew up, only, much much cheaper, and with a big city attached. Apparently the music scene is pretty thriving there as well- it’s called the “Live Music Capitol of the World”.

Lest you doubt me:

Jesse’s uncle Joel lives near his parish in Dripping Springs, a small town about 20 min. to the West of Austin proper. It’s fantastic country out there, just gorgeous:

I'm not even kidding. This is Dripping Springs. Can you believe this is even Texas?

The hot spring right outside of Austin

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