I am in DESPERATE need of shoes.

Haha, I know you’ve just written off whatever is to follow, summing me up as a shopoholic.

Laugh not, gentle readers. You do not have a dog who is constantly DEVOURING your shoes. Sure, I could put them away, but there’s always that moment at the end of a long day, where all you want to do is kick up your feet and relax.

5 minutes later, I look around. Where are my shoes? I ask myself. Where is Claire? I add, in sudden panic. The answer to both of these questions, I soon find, lies at the end of a bloody trail of fabric and leather. And, once again, I bury another pair of shoes.

There are purse people. There are clothes people. There are accessories people. And then there are shoe people. I have to admit, I’ve never been the shoe type. This stems from a deep paranoia of shoes because they hate me. At least, that’s what my mother told me long ago. “You have inherited my wide feet” she said as we were shoe shopping in Payless when I was 10. She pointed to the pretty red heels I was not even interested in (all I wanted were converse). “You will never be able to wear shoes like these.”

When I grew out of my tomboy phase, my mother’s advice was just an echo of the past. I bought my first pair of heels in the 10th grade to wear to prom. Their sparkles had me mesmerized. Of course, I hadn’t put them on, so when we got home I waited until everyone went to bed and tried to walk in them. That’s how I received a black eye from crashing into my bed post.

I was so shaken by this incident and my apparent lack of balance that I did not venture into the heels world until 4 years later. MAN were those things uncomfortable! I resigned myself forever to flats.

Until last year. I walked into Marshalls one day and found the PERFECT, most beautiful shiny Mary Jane heels. I actually stood looking at them for a few minutes before I considered trying them on.

But I’m not wearing a helmet!

Braving all obstacles, I went for it. And instantly they became my magic Cinderella slippers. I wore them every day to work and even RAN through the airport once!

This incident turned out to be life changing for my self-image. I started considering myself a “heels” person. I ventured out into the forbidden country filled with heels of all shapes and sizes. None ever fit like my Cinderella slippers, but I was liberated and no longer afraid.

Sadly, my magical shoes met a ghastly death at the unrelenting teeth of my precious darling adorable PUPPY. I even had a funeral.

Sure, I’ve tried wearing other heels, but whatever residual Cinderella magic I had is now gone. All of them are so DANG UNCOMFORTABLE! If it weren’t for all of Claire’s teeth marks in every single pair, I’d consider trying to sell them.

So I am venturing out and bravely trying to re-stock my supply. In scouring the internet, I’ve actually come back to Target of all places! They have the CUTEST SHOES! Who would’ve thought it? You can even read hundreds of reviews on their website from actual customers so as to get the real scoop on the comfortability factor!

Here are a few that I am looking at:


These are the closest thing to my deceased Cinderella slippers that I've ever been able to find

Can't believe Target makes shoes like these! How cute!

I didn't even know Target made such cute shoes!!

These shoes speak to me.

Does this yellow SPEAK to anyone else?


Can you believe these are only $30?

I will keep you posted once I receive the shoes in the mail- most are not available in the stores. The good news is that there is free shipping over $50, so if they don’t fit well, I’ll just return them! No harm done!

Any other good shoe recommendations??


3 thoughts on “Shoes?

  1. i like the 2nd and 4th ones but…..that probably comes as unsuprising. =) another place i would recommend is I get nearly all my shoes through them. you can sort by type, color, size, and even…width! I have normal shoes and fit basically everything…but I have heard people love that you can sort by either extra wide or even extra thin shoes if you want. AND they offer free shipping to you as well as free shipping if you decide to return the shoes. Justin has even bought my shoes through them. =) also tons of reviews so you can see if the shoe size is actual or runs large or small, which has been super helpful.

    Good luck! =)

  2. This is funny. I was just at Target last night looking at some of those shoes. I saw one pair of the 2nd shoe but it was only in a 5 or 6…so too small for even me to try, so I can’ give you any feedback on fit/comfort. I was bummed when I went to the store because all the shoes I was looking at were out in my regular size 7 shoe…apparently there are a lot of people out there with that size foot. Good luck with the shoes; I’ll have to get your opinion on them when I see you next weekend. 🙂

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