Yes, You CAN Fly!

I am just warning you, you will NEVER be the same after you visit this website. Make sure you visit the fashion and Dorothy/Tink pages. And please, please, read the mission statement.



9 thoughts on “Yes, You CAN Fly!

  1. might i ask what, exactly, you googled to get that page. i want to know so that i can AVOID it at all cost in my future. (and i think the dorothy/tink page was worse…i’m scarred…i feel as if i should wash my eyes out w/ soap…something)

  2. I think that could be considered workplace harassment. (it makes you uncomforable, could be considered offensive to some groups, etc…do you have an anonymous Ethics phone line you can call to place a report?) 😛

    (oh, and Jason, I knew it was you…I thought future readers (God help their eyes and souls) might not know though, so I sought to help the communication flow. Also, I was being a bit silly.) =)

  3. you know what my first thought was, kelly? I bet Brian showed that to her. It just felt like something Brian would find hilarious. Isn’t that weird? 🙂

    ALSO…very disturbing. i’m emailing it to michael to cheer up his day. 🙂

  4. yeah this guy has been around for a while and is just horrible…there are a couple other sites a lot like his but gimmicks other than peter pan….man I can’t remember now though it has been so long…. *grumble* well, as soon as I remember the other wonderful sites like this one (usually inspired by him) I will post them to add to your miseries. 😉

    also, i think it is the hair cut that makes him so freaky, the tights are weird but the hair really trips me out.

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