Christopher’s Baptism!

Today was Christopher’s Baptism. Both the Unruh and the Voss families were able to fly in for the event. The Snells, Gaspards, Trants, Pothoffs and Katy and Curtis were also there. Everyone was joyful and excited.

Except for Christopher.

I knew it was trouble when Courtney handed me Christopher and said, “He’s cranky and he hasn’t slept or eaten. Good luck!”

I’ve decided that I am going to write a list of precautions for any future godparents out there. Hopefully these will save you much grief.

Things Not To Do As A Godparent During the Baptism:

1. Don’t light your sweater on fire with your godchild’s candle.

2. Don’t juggle the baby’s pacifier 15 times behind the priest’s back.

3. Don’t let the pacifier get lost in the altar

4. Don’t worry about getting the baby comfortable- he’s nude and being dunked. He’s not going to be happy.

5. Don’t expect to regain your hearing until the next day.

Here are a few pictures.


I'm laughing at Christopher for scratching himself and screaming as a result


The only time Christopher decided to stop screaming was after he became a member of St. Seraphim 🙂

Courtney retrieving Christopher after Fr. Joe churched him

I am aware that this looks as though Fr. Joe dropped Christopher- however, this is just Courtney retrieving him after he was churched

The ending prayers

The ending prayers

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