Buddy and Jason Meet Dallas

This last Thursday evening, Buddy and Jason, two of our bestest friends from California, flew in to spend the weekend with us in Dallas. We may have worn them out, as we tried to pack everything Dallas had to offer into one weekend.

On Friday, the boys came to see me teach a Swing Dancing class at St. Peter’s. The kids were even so kind as to proudly show off their “line-dancing” skills. Later that evening we all hung out with the Unruhs and Christine. Since it was only 30 degrees outside, the girls were a little bit surprised that the boys wanted to go out on our porch and smoke. To prepare themselves for this endeavor, they each bundled up in about 3 different jackets and blankets. Christine, Courtney, Topher and I stayed in, of course, to watch “You’ve Got Mail”. All 4 of us ended up falling asleep on the couch or floor by the time the boys were finally done talking at around 3 am.

On Saturday morning, after I had taught a few piano lessons, we all went over the Unruhs for “Omelette Saturday”. This was a tradition started by the Unruhs after the big Omelette Breakfast that we went to at our old apartment complex. From there, we left the Unruhs to take the scenic route of Dallas. We stopped and bought lunch at a place called “Eatzi’s“, which is basically a gourmet deli full of the best desserts and sandwiches you could possibly imagine. From there, we went to Vespers at St. Seraphim, and then invited a bunch of friends from church to eat dinner with our friends at La Madeleine’s where we stayed until midnight.

Sunday morning, of course, was spent at church. Christine was the official Christopher nanny, which is a hazardous job. Apparently, hearing the cherubimic hymn makes him pee, a fact which Courtney had failed to mention to Christine. And sometimes, his diaper cannot contain all of it. Her poor skirt got a good dose of what it feels like for Topher to “let go of all earthly cares” !

Afterwards, we spent a while at the parish hall introducing them to our church friends and browsing the massive St. Seraphim bookstore. For lunch, we went out with the Unruhs and church friends to my favorite restaurant in Dallas, Gloria’s, where we got embarrassingly engrossed in a professional bowling tournament while we were stuffing our faces with El Salvadorian food. When we were done, the boys went and bought fresh fruit to make homemade pies while I went with Jenny, Karen and Heather to a choir party.

When evening came, we all reconvened at our house for a belated “birthday party” for Jesse. It has been a tradition many years running that Jesse’s birthday become an occasion for reunion. Since they boys were in town and Christine lives only 3 hours away, we had decided upon this weekend. Courtney made potato skins and hot croissant sandwiches. For dessert, we munched on 3 different flavors of homemade pie and drank the occasional gin and tonic handed us by Buddy. After the Unruhs left, Jesse, Buddy, Jason and I continued to talk for several hours as they finished off a bottle of Bourbon. I, of course, just watched and laughed as Jason kept needing to pee.

The next and final full day of their trip, Monday, we all slept in. This was partly due to the alcohol- Buddy woke up on our couch and couldn’t remember how he got there 🙂 At around 11am, we met the Unruhs and Christine at The Waffle House for an old fashioned southern breakfast. We had so many plates of food that a few of us had to split up and go to sit at other tables.

While everyone else hung out at the Unruhs, I bought curtains for my friend Karen and went to workout. The rest of the details of their afternoon I heard second-hand, as I had a few piano lessons to teach and was not with them. After talking for a while, the Unruhs and the boys went on a long walk all around Euless since the weather was gorgeous. Jesse then took the boys to some good Texas BBQ and to hang out their Mecca.

The last event of our trip was re-convening at a fun pub in Addison called, The Flying Saucer with some church friends. Courtney even got her mom to fly up from San Antonio to babysit for the evening! Having a dad who works for Southwest sure pays off! It was $2.75 pint night, so even I had a pint of beer. Or half of one. When he wasn’t being hit on by our waitress, Buddy finished the rest of mine for me! But at least I tried.

All in all, it was a wonderful 4 day weekend. We are very grateful to have such wonderful friends who would make the trip all the way out to Dallas just to hang. This isn’t to knock anyone who HASN’T come to visit us, we know there are constraints and that life happens. We are just immensely grateful that the Lord has blessed us, both with friends who still care about us back in CA even after being gone for 2 years, and with friends who love to be with us here in Dallas. Both groups got along so well together this weekend, that an outside observer might not be able to tell which was which 🙂

8 thoughts on “Buddy and Jason Meet Dallas

  1. *technically, the drive is 4.5 – 5 hrs (otherwise I might be able to make it more often)

    (oh, and “The Waffle House” is not *really* old fashioned southern breakfast…for that, I would recommend someplace like Crackle Barrel more…TWH, however, was conveniently located/priced)

  2. glad you guys had a good time! I look forward to hearing about it from Jason and Buddy. =) I am also completely ignoring the comment about those of us who have not come to visit….. 😉

  3. Unfortunately, the whole world does not read my blog. And you’re right, it was only twice. And everyone pees when they drink.

  4. I pee when I drink, or drink when I pee….can’t quite remember.

    Anyways, what so weird about waking up and not remembering how you got to your resting place? That happens to me ALL THE TIME and it isn’t even alcohol induced!

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