Unconventional Bowling

A few months ago, Father John asked Jesse to start heading up the youth events at our church, St. Seraphim. Tonight was the first of a few coming up in the next couple of weeks. Fr. John, Mrs. Kreesman, Jesse and I, along with about 11 teens started by going bowling and ended with pizza and fellowship at the Kreesman’s house in Lewisville.

From the left to the right: Molly (the daughter of my new boss Brian), Jesse, John, and Fr. John (without his normal cassock!).

The lane that I was supervising decided that since we weren’t bowling all that well, we would be creative instead:) It was lots of fun, especially because Mary, Fr. John’s quirky and adorable daughter, is an impromptu drama queen!

2 thoughts on “Unconventional Bowling

  1. Jesse as a “youth pastor” …this makes me smile.

    (Note: I use “youth pastor” very loosely and for lack of a better word that would still have the potential of getting a strong reaction.)

  2. Jesse actually used to be the “youth pastor” for a summer at our church in Paso Robles. So the term actually suits him quite well:) Haha, no strong reaction!!

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