Tim Burton Wedding

Okay, so even if you’re not hooked on this show like Jesse and I are right now, I think you could still appreciate this. Jesse and I thought it was absolutely amazing, and quite possibly one of the most unique dances we’ve ever seen. They described it as what Tim Burton’s wedding would look like. See what you think.

We also really liked this one. It was meant to be like a story about a girl who has just found out that her boyfriend is going off to Iraq.

4 thoughts on “Tim Burton Wedding

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes this show. Now I know who to call if I see something that just MUST be discussed. (and DVR is great – that way I can watch it at whatever time I make it back to my apartment)

  2. …ok, i didn’t watch the clips yesterday cause i hadn’t had time to watch the show yet. now that i have…wow! ok, Chelsea & Mark (Tim Burton Wedding) was well done, but Mia Michaels is just weird. Not as weird as Tim Burton, probably, but weird enough. I also thought Chelsea & Thayne danced well. However, my favorites from last week (and I’m guessing this might be for the season) are, in order of appearance:

    Twitch and Kherington (Twitchington!)
    Comfort and Chris
    Katee and Joshua (your second clip) – I was getting tired of this song on the radio, but this dance just saved it. I especially love the last move (shirt transfer) – great way to end this piece. And they danced the emotion of this piece SO well. I think this was my favorite for the night. Not necessarily the best danced technically, but my favorite.

    i’ll stop now… 🙂

  3. Hmm, Comfort and Chris? I didn’t like them very much. Maybe I just don’t like her very much. Yeah, I loved Twitchington, I almost posted their video too. Maybe I should?

  4. mia michaels is weird!>!>!> she is like my fav choreographer! i love her! justin hates her but he hates contemporary in general. man…i love all her things. her peice with heidi and travis still makes me want to cry when i see it. i loved the tim burton one too though–soooo beautiful. *sigh* SYTYCD is my fav “reality” -esq show–way more than Idol. =)

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