Recital 2008!

Even though this Sunday was the fourth annual recital I have done since I started teaching piano lessons, it definitely felt like a first in many ways. I had over 30 students in my first recital at 3pm, and then 10 more (combined with other teachers’ students) at 4:45.

Besides the greater numbers, this was also the fanciest location I have ever done a recital at. Melodie rented out this beautiful old auditorium in Bedford. It is actually a historical landmark, the first school ever built in Bedford, restored into a great place for weddings, banquets and recitals. There was even a museum in the back!

Here is a picture of just my in-home lesson students:

One of my youngest students Mattie (4 years old!) playing:

Some of my favorites…

This is 5 year old Michelle playing “Musette” by Bach

7 year old Avery playing “Beauty and the Beast”. She’s only been playing for 6 months!

Yet again, Jenny came to support me. Here she is shaking the rust off of her old piano playing skills:

Last but not least, I thought I’d post the requested video clip of my lovely garden musical last month:) You can’t see the little 2-5 year olds, just picture about 150 of them there in front.

And…who could forget the Weed Song…

One thought on “Recital 2008!

  1. OH. MY. GOSH. Kelly, you deserve a medal for those last two videos! I was sitting there with my jaw on the floor watching the chaos. Good job, friend! You’re such a trooper!

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