Happy 22!!!!

Today was a good day, aside from the fact that one of my kids walked out of my class this morning. Apparently, I was “squelching his individuality” by not allowing him to cuss.

But it was beautiful sunny 75 degrees all day (I KNOW!!) and almost all of my kids were adorable and fun. Or maybe it’s just my perception, I’ll never know:)

The best part was I got off of work at 6:30 instead of 8 because one of my families was out of town for the week. Allanah, Jenny and I were supposed to go to a movie, but Allanah got the flu, so just Jenny and I decided to go to a scary movie- the Eye. Jenny SAID she was reliable when it came to scary movies, that she never jumped or got scared…but this was no ordinary scary movie. Granted, it wasn’t as scary as some, but there were a LOT of jumpy parts! Anyways, at one point, this thing comes out of nowhere, and Jenny screamed and grabbed my arm. I’m a sympathy screamer, so out of pure reflex I let out a blood curdling scream.

The plus- we were hearty entertainment for everyone else in the theater- we had them in laughter and tears at our expense. One guy even laughed and pointed at me after the show.

Here’s a picture of us, right after we got kicked out of Starbucks for taking pictures (new rule, I guess?? The dumbest thing ever if you ask me….)


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