Super Bowl Party

WOW, what a crazy finish to a game! I used to think our friend Heather was quiet and reserved, but that was until I saw her jumping off the sofa in excitement (okay, I didn’t see her because I was jumping up and down too..).

We had our friends Carissa and Photius and their two kids, Isaac and Genevieve over, along with their sister Jenny and our newly chrismated friend Heather (her husband Josh couldn’t make it, seeing as he had SERIOUS amounts of homework due tomorrow for grad school). Isaac and Genevieve were absolute terrors, but so cute and fun that it was quite a delight. Actually, Mirabelle didn’t think so- she spent some serious time growling and hissing at them. Genevieve kept trying to pet her!! Oh well, this just means that next time we’ll need safer “toys” (or pets) for them to play with!

A plus- we finally opened our first bottle of wine since coming to Dallas! I know I know…..anyways, it was a Paso Robles Zin, and all of them were like, “Wow! What great wine!” It’s always fun to say, “Yeah, that came from our hometown!”

Here are a few pictures, but for all of them, go to my Facebook.

dsc00945.jpg dsc00947.jpg dsc00951.jpg dsc00960.jpg dsc00965.jpg

I am very proud of all the cooking we did- I personally homemade cookies, spinach dip, and baked brie with brown sugar and pecans. Jesse experimented and made excellent buffalo wings. Admittedly, it was with with resigned humor that all of us girls got to talking instead of even remotely paying attention to the game! Oh well, the first 3 quarters were basically a stale-mate anyways. All that changed in those final 10 minutes- so exciting!!!! I am glad Heather is a fellow football fan- we both love the Colts. I never thought my hands could hurt so much from clapping.

Even if we didn’t pay attention to the entire game, it was wonderful to have people to talk to. I’m glad Jesse and I finally made a commitment to reach out this semester!

So far, “Project Socialization” – success!

One thought on “Super Bowl Party

  1. im glad you are trying to socialize. we have been trying it too–spending more time with people we have not in the past and trying to make new friends. kinda hard….but, good i suppose. =)

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