Psychotic Weather

Oh- and it was a sizzlin 81 degrees with a 61 degree evening today!! My goodness! Hard to believe that on Thursday it was 15 degrees with the 50 mi./hr. wind gusts!

I never thought that warm weather could make me cry, but I think it did….finally, I don’t feel cold in every corner of my being! Literally, I think I had forgotten what it was like to feel warm….

But, as Texas weather goes, it’s not going to last. They’re already saying that on Tuesday, it’s going to start out warm, drop 40 degrees by the afternoon, and then be back in the 70s by Wed. morning. WHAT THE HECK!??!!!

One thought on “Psychotic Weather

  1. We like to call that “schizophrenic weather” here in SD. I know how you feel! We get really cold, windy and wet weather one day (you wouldn’t believe how many people ask me if I’m okay with that because they know I’m going to Seattle!) and then it’s back to super sunny and warm the next. Just don’t tell Tess … she’s freezing her butt off in PA and chiseling cars out of the ice so she can make it to church. 🙂

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