More Apt. Pics

There were a few fun things that I neglected to take pictures of last time, so as I am cleaning for our Super Bowl party tomorrow, I will post a few more.

I am now very into decals. Here are some:

The first one is around our bedroom light switch. The second is Mr. Owl in the guest bed area. The third is also in the guest bed area, but is appropriate since our wall of bookshelves are also in there. I love how you can see the missing blinds- still haven’t gotten around to having maintenance come and fix them!

dsc00818.jpg dsc00821.jpg dsc00935.jpg

Here’s the shelf that Jesse made me a few months ago using an old shutter I found at an antique store paired with some Anthropologie shelf brackets.


In our guest bedroom, we also have a new comforter cover and sheets. I ordered the cover way back in October, but entered in the wrong zip code so it took 4 months for Urban Outfitters to sort it out. Now it’s finally here!

The birdies:

dsc00940.jpg dsc00941.jpg

The sheets:

That’s it! I’ll be posting pics of our party tomorrow!

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