Dallas Pictures

So I finally unpacked my camera cord and decided to upload some pictures I’ve taken of our 2 months here in Dallas.

First, some of the kids that I teach at Bending Oaks High School:

Haley and Victoria

Haley and Victoria

Jasmine, Kristi, and Ali


Here’s a random sampling of my day to day challenges:)


Some of our still new, but already oh-so-dear friends:)

Noll’s birthday party at PappaDoh (an upscale seafood restaurant)



Here’s Christiana and Katy being…well, themselves!!:)

Here’s a random sampling of the scenery around here:

My drive to work: dsc00545.JPGdsc00562.JPGdsc00565.JPGdsc00568.JPG

Here’s what I was greeted with when I got to work one morning at Flower Mound Montessori. I walked in the door, and there was a dancing……molar!!! Apparently, they were having a “don’t-be-afraid-of-the-dentist” happy fun day! Ironically, all the kids were crying. I died a little bit inside from trying not to laugh.


The apt. we were at for 1 month. Hey, it ain’t bad for $500/month!!


The midget cat I spoke of earlier.


Compare that to our apt. complex now!!


This is a neighborhood that I teach piano in. All of the houses cost around 800k.

dsc00560.JPG dsc00557.JPG dsc00558.JPG

This house was actually in our price range (100-150k) when we were househunting:dsc00572.JPG

Last but not least, here’s where we go to church! You can’t even imagine how COVERED with iconography of bible stories the walls and the big dome in the middle are….


That’s it for now!! More of our apt. when I feel that it is presentable enough:)

6 thoughts on “Dallas Pictures

  1. read all my comments to Jesse, he will understand. Ask him if he misses comments like those.
    also, its cool to see how you guys are doing. That iconography looks awesome.

  2. Well, Jason, you’ll be happy to know that I have been working hard to get ready for the photo shoot. The final product is not ready yet, however, because I am a picky person, and want to make sure we have enough money for all of our bills before I buy the final touches:) Maybe I’ll post a picture of our cool new couch!

  3. well don’t feel bad. my mom has been asking for pictures of my apartment for six months. but being the un-domesticated man that I am, I have yet to “clean” as such that i feel i could send my mother a picture of my cave.

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